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The coding club

Coding club is an informal series of meetings for postgraduate students and interested staff with the aim of introducing command-line coding and R programming. We meet every week for two hours in a small group to learn and practice shell scripting and R data analysis. The coding club is split into two parts. The shell, run in the end of the year and R, run after the Christmas break.

The shell

The Shell part follows closely “The Unix Shell” lesson from Sofware Carpentry, but we essentially spend each two-hour-long session on a single part of that lesson (instead of covering “Loops” in 15 minutes, we spend the whole session on it). This gives us plenty of time to get a hang on things and try different approaches as well as expand the topic a bit.

The six lessons are:

In addition, we are covering chapters 2-6 and 16 from Haddock and Dunn’s book as well as fragments of chapter 3, 7 and 12 from Buffalo’s book.

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The second part, on R, is an amalgamate of several Software and Data Carpentry lessons, with a particular focus on the packages: ddplyr (and related tidyr), ggplot2 and R notebooks. So the general idea is to follow, mix and match style, the lessons:

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