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Other projects, interests and resources

On this page I list several projects and resources I am involved in and would very much prefer a lot of people knew about them ;-)

Synthetic biology

I have been developing a series of DNA parts and protocols to facilitate teaching about synthetic biology in higher education. The website at presents the current set of parts and other resources, but they are being overhauled - thanks to the work of Alex Siddall in my group and Jason Sanders from the School of Arts and Design here at Huddersfield, we are expanding the number of parts available and preparing a new set of printed and digital materials to go with them. Stay tuned!

Next Generation Biologists workshops

This is a BBSRC STARS-programme-funded project that I am involved in alongside Dr Mary J. O’Connell, formerly at the University of Leeds and currently at the University of Notingham) and Martin Callaghan from the University of Leeds. We run a series of workshops to introduce and train researchers in the skills and best practices in scientific computing and bioinformatics. You can read all about the project and the workshops on the website

Coding Club

Coding club is an informal series of meetings for postgraduate students and interested staff with the aim of introducing command-line coding and R programming. We meet every week for two hours in a small group to learn and practice shell scripting and R data analysis. Currently on hiatus